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How Does Reach & Wash Cleaning Work?

Like most brilliant ideas, the Reach and Wash system is simple. A soft bristled brush cleans the window. Water rinses the glass because the water must dry naturally on its own, it has to be very pure.

The simplicity and ease of use of the Reach & Wash system are what have led to the adoption of this method of cleaning on a very broad scale.

Pure Water is Produced

Water from the tap is processed by the Reach & Wash system to remove dissolved impurities such as calcium carbonate and salts.

Once pure, this water is stored in the system's tank ready fro use. The Reach & Wash system is usually installed into a van or trailer so that the supply of pure water can be taken anywhere the window cleaner need to go.

The Cleaning is Done

A soft bristled brush is used to scrub the dirt from the window, while at the same time the system pumps the pure water to the brush head. The pure water is jetted onto the glass to rinse away the dirt.

The brush and water jets are mounted onto a long-reaching telescopic poles (know as waterfed poles) so that cleaning can be done at heights up to 80ft (24m) from the safety of the ground

The water Dries

Once the brush has scrubbed the dirt off the window and the pure water has rinsed the glass, the cleaning is finished.

The droplets of pure water that remain on the glass are left to dry naturally. As the water is so pure, the water dries without leaving spots and smears.


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