ClearView Cleaning for your Solar Panels

We include cleaning window frames, sills and doors as standard

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All solar panel cleaning by trained staff. You'll receive a text the day before your appointment as a reminder. All staff will have company uniform and ID cards for easy identification and professionalism.

Solar panel cleaning is essential for all solar arrays.

Dirty solar panels ultimately results in a financial loss of return for the owner and may also affect the limited warranty. Years of dirt building up could also cause permanent module staining.

We can clean solar panels on bungalows and houses with our latest solar panel cleaning equipment. With poles that reach up to 70ft, we can reach solar panels that even have obstructions such as ground floor extensions and bungalows.

Roof Top Panels

We have the latest pole technology to reach roof top panels. Up to 3 stories high with no need to scaffold, and we clean all types of home and residential panels.

Regular cleaning...

  • Ensures a maximum output
  • Maintains your warranty
  • Saves you money
  • Extends the life of your investment
  • Gives you peace of mind
  • Prevents permanent module staining


Airborne dust particles, sticky tree and plant sap, lichen, soot and bird droppings are just a few of the things that can contribute to a build-up of dirt on your panels.

Accumulation creates shading and will prevent sunlight reaching the cells. This results in poor system performance, loss of efficiency and a loss of financial return for the owner and investor of solar energy.

All your Solar Panels cleaned

Solar panels work by allowing light into the solar cells. The more light that hits a panel, the more power it will generate. Due to the upwards angle of solar panels, they are more prone to bird droppings and a build-up of general dust and dirt that does not wash off with just rain:

  • Improve efficiency of your Solar Panels
  • Keep your home looking attractive
  • Improve the life for your Solar Panels
  • Generate more electricity for better feed in tariff returns

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